Energy & Construction

Energy and Construction

We aim to maintain our position as a globally-recognised market leader providing specialty products and services for the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Power Generation sectors.

Our underwriters, risk engineers and claims staff provide the highest levels of service to clients through our expertise and integrated business unit approach.


Our Construction team delivers specialist risk and insurance solutions for Onshore Construction projects globally, from Integrated Refineries through to Metro Systems. Cover is provided for Contractors All Risks (CAR), Erection All Risks (EAR), plus Delay in Start-Up (DSU) / Advance Loss of Profit (ALOP).

We look to work with companies who understand and appreciate key risk management practices and are willing to build a long term stable relationship which works to the benefit of both parties. In return, we aim to be innovative and flexible combining tailored cover, risk analysis and excellent customer service. Clients benefit from the experience, knowledge and expertise of our underwriters, in-house risk engineers and international claims specialists. Combining this with the global capacity of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group means we can support even the largest and most complex projects.

Target Markets

  • Oil, gas, petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical
  • Power generation including renewables
  • Heavy Industrial segments including: Mining and metals, cement, pulp and paper
  • Commercial buildings
  • Airport terminals, stadia
  • Civil Infrastructure: road and rail, tunnelling, bridges, pipelines

Line size

  • Up to USD 125 million PML


  • Worldwide


Exploration & Production

We offer a broad range of Energy related products trading from both our Company and Lloyd’s of London platforms for the Exploration and Production industry to assist in the risk transfer of our client’s needs. Policies are underwritten to insure against the risks of physical loss or physical damage to the insured’s property, resultant business interruption, control of well and re-drilling expenses and third party liabilities.

Target risks

  • Owner/Operators involved in identification, extraction, processing and the production of hydrocarbons (Oil and Gas)
  • Offshore Construction: Offering coverage for Owner managed projects for the fabrication, load-out, transits, installation and hook-up of fixed/floating units, subsea equipment and associated pipelines and platform modifications
  • Owners Yard Construction: Offering coverage of owners yard risks including the fabrication of semi-submersible drilling units, jack ups, drill ships and FPSO’s

Coverage afforded for operations both onshore and offshore

  • All risks of Physical loss or Damage
  • Control of Well (OEE)
  • Business Interruption
  • Third Party Liability
  • Offshore Construction
  • Coverage is provided on a worldwide basis to a client base that includes national oil companies, major integrated energy companies and independent operators in the oil and gas sector.
  • The Liberty Specialty Markets E+P team aims to provide exemplary service to existing and new clients in a constantly evolving industry. From extending the life of existing field assets to the exploration of new and untapped energy fields.
  • Liberty Specialty Markets Risk engineering offers clients and brokers access to a global risk engineering with extensive experience in the oil/gas and marine industry
  • Liberty Specialty Markets have claims leadership capability with a global network of in-house adjusters

Line size

  • USD 85 million any one platform or complex all interests combined


  • Worldwide


Our Marine team in London and Europe consists of highly experienced underwriters who are recognised leaders in their chosen marine segments providing tailored insurance solutions for specialised and complex marine risks.

Cargo owners, ports and their operators, transporters and shipbuilders partner with us to take advantage of our superior underwriting, claims and in-house risk engineering services.

The marine products we offer complement our existing Construction & Energy product offerings in the London/UK, Continental Europe and Middle-East markets.

Ocean Cargo

  • USD 100 million capacity
  • Principle focus on bulk commodity risks  – oil, gas, petrochemicals and mining
  • Storage risks underwritten when ancillary to transit risk
  • Integrated packages to combine property & casualty coverage’s for regional /commercial general cargo business

Project Cargo

  • USD 100 million capacity
  • Integrated package/cross class capabilities with construction, energy and casualty products (cargo, construction, TPL and Operational)

Builders Risk

  • USD 25 million capacity
  • Focus on commercial ship construction
  • Annual yard covers and specialty singleton builds

Third Party Liabilities

  • USD 5 million capacity – primary
  • USD 25 million capacity – excess
  • Preferred segments – ship repairers, terminal operators, charterers (cargo owners interests)

Oil, Gas, Petrochemical & Chemical

Our highly experienced OGPC team provide cover for ‘all risks’ property damage and resulting business interruption on a worldwide basis. Cover is available on a quota-share basis in supporting multinational or indigenous account-specific programmes. Capacity is granted either on a lead basis or following other recognised leading market practitioners.

Target Markets

  • Oil: refining, gasoline plants, terminal operations, oil lease properties, compressor stations/pipelines, coal gasification, synthetic fuels, oil shale and tar sands, onshore drilling and work-over rigs, asphalt facilities
  • Gas: LPG and LNG facilities, industrial gases, underground gas storage, gas terminals
  • Petrochemical and Chemical: ammonia/methanol/synthetic fertiliser plants, syngas plants, various petrochemical and chemical operations
  • Pharmaceutical: manufacturing of prescription drugs, compounding and packaging of health and beauty aids

Line size

  • Up to USD 150 million


  • Worldwide

Power Generation

We are able to offer global capacity principally on a quota share basis in supporting multinational or indigenous account-specific programmes. Capacity is granted either on a lead basis or following other recognised leading market practitioners.

Cover is provided for ‘all risks’ property damage, machinery breakdown and business interruption.

Target Markets

  • Steam turbine power plants
  • Gas turbine technology including integrated gasification and combined cycle generation
  • Internal combustion engines
  • Desalination installations
  • Renewables:
    • Hydroelectric
    • Geothermal
    • Wind
    • Solar

Line size

  • Up to USD 125 million


  • Worldwide

Renewable Energy

We offer global capacity on a quota share basis in supporting multinational utilities or smaller indigenous clients. Capacity is offered on either a lead basis or following other recognised leading market practitioners.

Cover can be tailored to suit our broker’s and client’s needs in order to offer an integrated cross-class package policy from project commencement through to the operational phase.

Our Product Cover

  • Construction/ Erection All Risks (EAR) and Liability covers (TPL), plus Delay in Start-Up
  • Operational ‘All Risks’ Property Damage, Machinery Breakdown and Business Interruption
  • Marine Cargo including (DSU) / Advance Loss of Profit (ALOP)

Target Markets

  • Utility Scale Operations (Utility or investor owned)
  • Small operators with installed capacity over 25MW

Line size

  • Construction: USD 125 million (on EML)
  • Operational: USD 125million (on limit)
  • Project Cargo and Delay in Start-Up: USD 100 million capacity


  • Worldwide with a focus on clients with operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa



Risk Engineering

Our risk engineering approach is fundamental to our underwriting strategy and the development of long-term relationships with clients. Together with our underwriters, our in-house risk engineers work with clients to identify exposures, assess risk and provide recommendations on a wide range of loss prevention and control issues. Integrating our underwriting and risk engineering teams allows us to provide clients with a holistic and cutting edge insurance solution.