Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE (LMIE) may outsource certain services, activities or tasks to external providers that may or may not be regulated and may be located outside of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg (Service Providers). 

In order to comply with our professional secrecy obligations, we are providing the following information about the types of services we may outsource to Service Providers, the types of information that may be transmitted to Service Providers and the countries in which Service Providers may be located.

If you are a policyholder insured by Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE, please review this important information that applies to your policy.


LMIE Professional Secrecy - Important Information
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LSM Supplier Code of Conduct
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Types of services outsourced

We may outsource the types of services typically provided by the following categories of Service Providers:

  • Other insurers and reinsurers, insurance and reinsurance brokers, other intermediaries and agents, appointed representatives and distributors
  • Third party claim administrators; claim investigators and adjusters; construction consultants; engineers; examiners; jury consultants; translators
  • Accountants, actuaries, auditors, experts, lawyers and other professional advisors
  • IT systems, support and hosting service providers; call centre service providers; printing, advertising, marketing and market research, human resources, and data analysis service providers, document and records management providers
  • Intragroup service providers such as IT applications hosting and support providers
  • Providers of salvage, subrogation, deductibles & overpayments recovery
  • Financial institutions, securities firms, banks and financial institutions that service our accounts
  • Other third party vendors and outsourced service providers that assist us in carrying out business activities

Locations of service providers

Locations of service providers outside of the EEA are available on request but will include the UK, US and India.

Types of information transmitted to service providers

Any information provided to LMIE by policyholders/ insureds/ clients (which may directly or indirectly identify the policyholder/ insured/ client, a beneficiary under the policy or an authorised representative (including present and past directors, officers and employees) of the policyholder/ insured/ client) may be communicated to Service Providers.

Examples of such information include:

  • Personal data such as name and place and date of birth
  • Contact information such as telephone number, email address and postal address
  • Identification information such as passport number, ID card number, national insurance number, tax identification number or driver’s licence number
  • Company information such as date of incorporation, registered office address, company activity, number at the relevant Trade or Companies Register and shareholders
  • Insurance and claim information including policy number, claim number, and any information relevant to insurance policy issuance, and claim assessment and settlement
  • Information relating to the client’s assets and funds
  • Any other information relative to the client and/or the beneficial owner and/or an authorised representative