Our team based in Boston and New York insures a range of clients, including museums, galleries, private/corporate collections, and jewelers against damage or loss to precious goods, whether they are being stored, displayed or transported.

We recognize that insuring these risks can be a sensitive matter, and you can always rely on our underwriters to deal with your business needs in a confidential and professional manner.

We cover a broad range of fine art and valuables:

  • Covers collections of fine art including paintings, etchings, prints, photographs, statuary, artistic merit, antiques, historical, rarity and other works of art, antiquities, musical instruments, silverware, cameras, rare books, manuscripts, rugs, textiles, tapestries, miscellaneous collectibles, etc.
  • Jewelry: Covers articles of personal adornment including watches, generally containing gemstones, silver, gold, platinum, or other precious metals or alloys.
  • Coins: Covers coins, medals, paper money, bank notes, tokens of money, coin albums, containers, frames, cards, display cabinets in use with such collections, and other numismatic property.
  • Stamps: Envelope, official revenue, match and medicine stamps, covers, locals, reprints, essays, proofs, books, pages, and other philatelic mountings.
  • Wine: Collectible wines and spirits including vintage and investment wine collections.
  • Miscellaneous collectibles: All other individually owned items of personal nature not previously categorized in the above predefined coverage categories.

Product information:

Our US Fine Art and Specie insurance features include:

Classes of business:

Fine Art

  • Museums
  • Private collections
  • Exhibitions
  • Private jewelry
  • Galleries
  • Foundations and Universities
  • Artists
  • Art in Fine Art Storage Facilities
  • Terrorism

General Specie:

  • Banks – premises and transit
  • Vault risks
  • Bullion, Precious metals
  • Non-negotiable and negotiable securities

Jewelers Block:

  • Retail/Wholesale jewelers
  • Exhibitions and fairs

Cash in Transit:

  • Premises
  • Armored  car transit

Line Size:

  • USD 250 million for Fine Art
  • USD 250 million for General Specie
  • USD 30 million for cash in transit
  • USD 30 million for Jewelers Block



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