Tech Liability Insurance - Technology by nature is continually evolving. With innovation at its heart, it is ever-expanding and diversifying, covering nearly all areas of life and work.  Technology firms range in size from sole practitioners to global companies.  In recent years, there has been significant change to most operating models, away from outright purchase or licensing to managed services hosted by an information technology (IT) company on behalf of a client.  The expansion of the cloud, mobile devices, social networking, "Big Data," and the Internet of Things (IoT) is creating increased demand for these hosting services, which are generally cost-effective and easy to scale up or down depending on need.  This shift is creating new exposures for traditional technology firms.

Our experienced underwriters can provide your business with the protection it needs against a range of losses, including allegations of negligence, breach of contract, fraudulent inducement and copyright infringement. We focus on tailored coverage and detailed underwriting in this class to bring relevance to each industry sector.

Media Liability Insurance - Nearly all businesses need to communicate to their customer base, either about their services and/or their products. In doing so, this gives rise for the potential for claims that the content is either negligent, defamatory or that it infringes on rights held by another party.

Our expert underwriters can provide your business with protection against various losses, such as allegations of negligence, breach of contract and copyright infringement. Our focus on detailed underwriting provides relevance to each industry sector and we can tailor coverage to suit clients’ needs.

Product information:

The features of our Tech & Media E&O can be expanded to cover:

  • Loss of, or damage to, digital assets;
  • Non-physical business interruption and extra expenses;
  • Property Damage and resulting business interruption;
  • Cyber extortion and cyber terrorism;
  • Security and privacy liability;
  • Privacy regulation defence;
  • Special expenses such as notification expenses, PR expenses and credit monitoring;
  • Reputational harm;
  • Cyber-crime.

Class of Business:

All industries, primary or excess layers

Line size:

  • GBP 7.5 million
  • USD 10 million
  • EUR 10 million

What is Technology and Media Errors & Omissions Insurance?

Technology and Media Errors & Omissions insurance is a third party liability cover that helps companies deal with claims against them in connection with their technology products and/or services. This may be as a result of an alleged wrongful act; or in the case of media liability, in the context of their advertising practices or content. This cover can be purchased on a standalone basis or in conjunction with Cyber Insurance.

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