Aimed at shipping companies that range from single vessel owners/operators to large multi-national fleets, our Marine War insurance covers almost all of the war risk perils excluded under hull policies, and is generally written at the same time as the standard hull policy.

From cruise ships, LPG vessels and container vessels to private yachts and fishing vessels, we provide market-leading protection for fleets on a global basis. We offer rapid response for port calls worldwide, including war zones and countries of political instability.

Product information:

Our Marine War insurance features include:

Classes of business:

  • Physical damage to hull
  • Detainment
  • Cargo war
  • War P&I
  • War loss of hire (as a result of physical damage and/or detainment)
  • Drug seizure


Wordings are generally based around the Institute Time Clauses or equivalent (including German/Norwegian/American wordings)

Line size:

Combined single limit for Hull War and War P&I risks of up to USD 70 million


Worldwide including voyages into breach of warranty areas as per the current JWC List of excluded areas

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