War & Terrorism

War & Terrorism

The risk of terrorist attacks, hi-jackings, sabotage, war and political instability continues to grow across the globe.

Liberty Specialty Markets War and Terrorism accounts represent key lines of business for us and risks are underwritten through Lloyd’s of London and through our global distribution network of offices.

Aviation War

Liberty’s well established underwriting team offers the world’s airlines coverage against terrorist attack, hi-jacking, sabotage and confiscation. We are recognised as one of the key lead markets in Lloyd’s for Aviation War risks and we underwrite a global portfolio across a broad cross section of the aviation industry.

Our Aviation War book covers a wide spectrum of non-airline risks ranging from commercial helicopters to business jets and we underwrite on either a subscription basis or 100% of the risk.

Classes of Business

  • Physical Loss or Damage to Aircraft
  • Aircraft Spares
  • Confiscation by Government of Registry
  • Excess Third Party War Liabilities
  • Contingent Hull War
  • Excess Aggregate


Line Size

  • USD 35 million for subscription market
  • USD 10 million for risks written 100%


  • Worldwide subject to sanctions

Marine War

Aimed at shipping companies that range from single vessel owners/operators to large multi-national fleets, the war risk product covers almost all of the war risk perils excluded under hull policies and is generally written at the same time as the standard hull policy.

From cruise ships, LPG vessels and container vessels to private yachts and fishing vessels, Liberty Specialty Markets provides market leading protection for fleets on a global basis. We offer rapid response for port calls worldwide, including war zones and countries of political instability.

Classes of business

  • Physical Damage to Hull
  • Detainment
  • Cargo War
  • War P&I
  • War Loss of Hire (as a result of physical damage and/or detainment)
  • Drug Seizure


  •  Wordings are generally based around the Institute Time Clauses or equivalent (including German/Norwegian/American wordings)

Line Size

  • Combined single limit for Hull War and War P&I risks of up to USD 70 million


  • Worldwide including voyages into breach of warranty areas as per the current JWC List of excluded areas


The war and terrorism account represents a key line of business for Liberty. With the risk of a terrorist attack ever increasing across the globe, we continue to act as a market-leader writing a worldwide book of war and terrorism insurance cover.

Providing cover against terrorist attacks or political instability allows our clients to prosper in the current global climate. We write business via our Lloyd’s syndicate and through the use of our global distribution network of Liberty offices, working with domestic and international brokers. We currently have specialist underwriters in Dubai, Singapore, Brazil and Colombia in addition to our London head office operation.

A wide variety of terrorism risks are written across a broad cross section of industries. The focus of the book is to underwrite high quality business in partnership with our clients.

Classes of business

  • Terrorism and sabotage
  • Riots, strikes and civil commotion
  • Malicious damage
  • Insurrection/rebellion/revolution/mutiny/coup d’etat
  • War on land/civil war
  • Terrorism liability
  • Business interruption and extra expense
  • Nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological
  • Denial of Access
  • Loss of Attraction
  • Active Shooter
  • Cyber (Physical Damage Only)

Target markets

  • Real estate
  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial assets
  • Leisure & entertainment
  • Hotels
  • Retail locations
  • Oil and gas
  • Energy installations
  • Municipalities
  • Construction risks
  • Infrastructure

Line size

  • USD 200 million


  • UK
  • Europe
  • USA/Canada
  • Australasia
  • Far East
  • Middle East
  • Latin America
  • Asia
  • Africa