Structured Risk Solutions

The Structured Risk Solutions team at Liberty Specialty Markets provides market leading and innovative insurance solutions to a diverse range of structured and specialist financial risks, where the driver is capital relief, balance sheet management, deal facilitation or capital release.

The solutions we offer are used to achieve strategic goals such as minimising the capital an institution has to reserve against certain risks, helping manage exposure limits for profitable asset classes or facilitating access to capital and leverage for fund managers.


  • Tranched Credit Portfolio Insurance
  • Securities Financing Indemnification
  • Capital Solutions for Non-Core Banking Assets
  • Secured Lending Solutions
  • Capital Release
  • Derivative Portfolio Solutions

We take a principles-based approach to risk selection and are always open to considering new financial and transactional risks on a case by case basis. This allows us a large degree of flexibility to come up with bespoke solutions to complex issues for our clients.

Typical Insureds

  • Banks
  • Non-Bank Financial Institutions
  • Securities Lending Agents
  • Asset Managers
  • Clearing Houses
  • Private Equity and Private Debt Funds

Line Size and Maximum Tenor

  • USD 50 million (or local currency equivalent)
  • 7 Years


  • Worldwide

We work closely with the Global Financial Risks team here at Liberty Specialty Markets, bringing together expertise across a broad spectrum of credit insurance products.