Emma White

Class of 2016, Operations

Degree: BA English Literature

Department: Operations

University: Exeter

What do you do day-to-day?

Placed in the operations team, I am fortunate that no two days are the same providing me with a vital insight into project management and strategic business decisions as well as supporting projects relating to Liberty’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), including LSM’s strategic partnership with WaterAid, whilst also assisting with compiling information regarding LSM’s premises around the world.

How did you hear about Liberty?

I had previously completed an internship at Liberty, and enjoyed it so much I had my sights set for where I wanted to apply after university. Everyone I met had been so patient in teaching me insurance terminology and practices, alongside their own jobs, whilst giving me responsibilities and tasks, and I wanted to work for a company with these values.

What was your motivation to go into insurance?

Coming from a family working in insurance, but in broking and claims, it was a natural decision to see it from a different angle. The idea of working in a large company in the City is exciting, and provides the opportunity to work hard and be challenged.

What surprised you about the insurance industry?

Other industries may get a stigma for being cut-throat and harshly competitive amongst employees, but this doesn’t ring true for what I’ve seen at Liberty – everyone has been kind and encouraging. The history of Lloyd’s, the industry and exam content is surprisingly interesting – it’s nice to be finally studying for something directly relatable to your career.

Which of the personal development opportunities available to you have you found beneficial?

We’re lucky to have had an in-depth induction week, and subsequent weekly training hours and day courses with content directly relevant to our careers and exams. It’s not just assumed that you’ll know the industry inside out on your first day, and there are resources available to broaden your understanding.

Graduate Profiles

Kajal Patel

Class of 2016, Compliance

Degree: LLB Law

Department: Compliance

University: Birmingham

Marcus Wood

Class of 2016, Actuarial

Degree: BSc Mathematical Sciences

Department: Actuarial

Post grad: MSc Applied Mathematics

University: Bath

Ella Davis

Class of 2016, Exposure Management

Degree: BSc (Hons) Geography with a year in Computer Science

Department: Exposure Management

University: Birmingham

Ryan Murphy

Class of 2016, Risk Management

Degree: BSc Geography

Department: Risk Management

University: Exeter

James Allan

Class of 2016, Claims

Degree: LLB (Hons) Law and Politics

Department: Claims

Post grad: MSc Econ International Relations

University: Cardiff

Utsav Tiwary

Class of 2016, Actuarial

Degree: BEng Computer Science

Department: Actuarial

University: Imperial College London

Alexander Georgetti

Class of 2015, Finance

Degree: BA Hons Accounting and Finance

Department: Finance

University: West of England, Bristol

Katie Bailey

Class of 2015, Compliance

Degree: BA Hons Theology

Department: Compliance

University: Durham

Michael Dryden

Class of 2015, Claims

Degree: BA Hons History

Department: Claims

University: East Anglia

Theodore Rodrigues Da Costa

Class of 2015, Assistant Underwriter

Degree: BA Hons Finance, Accounting & Management, MSc Banking & Finance

Department: Onshore Energy

University: Nottingham

Henry Moore

Class of 2014, Claims Paralegal

Degree: BA Hons History, Post grad: Law

Department: Claims

University: Swansea

Joanna Hitchcock

Class of 2014, Assistant Underwriter

Degree: BSc Hons Molecular Biology

Department: Terrorism

University: Durham

Sam Bradley

Class of 2014, Business Development Assistant

Degree: BA Hons Politics

Department: Business Development & Market Relationships

University: Southampton

Sarah Lopez

Class of 2014, Associate Catastrophe Analyst

Degree: BA Hons Geography

Department: Exposure Management

University: Nottingham

Gurpreet Phull

Class of 2014, Junior Underwriting Analyst

Degree: BSc Hons Business and Management

Department: Specialty Products – Pecuniary Lines/ Treaty Personal Accident

University: Queen Mary

Emma Gros

Class of 2014, Assistant Underwriter

Degree: BSc Hons Economics

Department: Property Specialty

University: Manchester

Iqra Ahsan

Class of 2013, Actuarial Analyst

Degree: BSc Hons Mathematics

Department: Actuarial

University: Brunel