Ade Adepitan

“The world wasn’t built with a ramp”: removing barriers to high performance

Philip Hobbs, Wed, 27 Sept 2023
Reflecting on our Unique Perspective event with Paralympian Ade Adepitan, Phil Hobbs, President & Managing Director of Liberty Specialty Markets discusses inclusion, what has and hasn’t been achieved for visible and invisible disabilities in the insurance world, and how an inclusive policy can lead to a better, more diverse and more effective workplace.
Picture of electrical substation

Modern economies, ESG, and transformers – more than meets the eye

Samson Rathaur, Mon, 25 Sept 2023
As global energy sources change, the risk landscape for the energy generation sector is changing. Samson Rathaur, our Marine Risk Engineer looks at the challenges facing the production, transport and maintenance of transformers.

Balancing dominoes: supply chain disruption in an unstable world

Amy Humphries, Thu, 14 Sept 2023
Modern supply chains are becoming increasingly challenging. Amy Humphries outlines how both insurers and risk managers can mitigate the risks that make up these complex components of our global economy.
pink umbrella and blue umbrella

Protecting Intellectual Property in the new world

Matthew Hogg, Mon, 31 Jul 2023
In the new world ushered in by economic downturn and advancements in artificial intelligence and innovation, competition and litigation are likely to increase as businesses adapt to the advent of generative AI and focus on building and protecting market share. This evolving threat to a business’s IP has, so far, not resulted in a great deal of change. That status quo will not last.
photo of meeting

How PE boards can amp up their cyber expertise

Thu, 06 Jul 2023
Dan Frusciano and Amy Gross examine the role PE boards play in cyber security and how they can amp up their expertise to meet the growing demands and complexities of cyber security.
Cyber due diligence best practices for private equity firms

Cyber due diligence best practices for private equity firms

Wed, 14 Jun 2023
Amy Gross, Private Equity Distribution Executive, explores cyber due diligence best practices for private equity firms in this three part series.
City Offices

Three reasons minding the risk gap will be your biggest private equity value-add in 2023

Tue, 30 May 2023
Amy Gross explores three reasons minding the risk gap will be the biggest private equity value-add in 2023
John McCarthy

Finding light in the dark

Philip Hobbs, Mon, 22 May 2023
Phil Hobbs shares the standout moments from his interview at a Unique Perspectives event with John McCarthy CBE. Here, he highlights what the insurance industry can learn from John’s experience and how we can apply this to our personal and work lives, and in working together as an industry.
exhausted football players

Cyber Attacks: Play the game not the occasion

Matthew Hogg, Wed, 03 May 2023
Is there such a thing as too many defensive measures when it comes to cyber security? Could an attack, no matter how sophisticated the defence, still break through? In some ways it is a bit like managing a team in sport; the opposition may be difficult, there is a balance between defence and attack, and at the end of the day the board will have a view of the return on their investment.