From Nairobi to London

31 Oct 2023
As we hear so often in this industry, insurance wasn’t my first calling. Less commonly, however, I began my journey in Kenya. After finishing high school education, it’s common for parents in Kenya to encourage their children to take up some qualification to ‘keep busy’ whilst waiting to be enrolled at university.

Balancing dominoes: supply chain disruption in an unstable world

Amy Humphries, 14 Sep 2023
Modern supply chains are becoming increasingly challenging. Amy Humphries outlines how both insurers and risk managers can mitigate the risks that make up these complex components of our global economy.
Frying pan

A chemical catharsis: the consequences of the ‘Forever Chemicals

Darren Fairest, 15 Feb 2023
Darren Fairest explains the challenges the market is facing from the long tail risks that have emerged from the wide-ranging use of PFAS chemicals.

Dealing with darkness

David Saillen, 07 Feb 2023
With no end in sight for the global energy crisis, it’s increasingly likely that we could face blackouts. Without forward planning, this could have a detrimental impact on the precious objects and works of art that are displayed and stored in museums and galleries across the world.
World map insert of Forest

How Insurers can help the art world cut emissions

David Saillen, 13 Jan 2022
Artists have made a stand against climate change, but what can the art world do to reduce emissions? David Saillen thinks insurers can support them.
People walking on data and numbers

Why it's time to give our data away

Matthew Moore, 01 Jul 2021
Rather than hoarding data within corporate bodies, we need to be sharing it, says GRS President of Underwriting (formerly President and Managing Director of Liberty Specialty Markets), Matthew Moore.

The evolution of War and Terrorism risk

14 Jun 2021
As civil unrest is increasing across Europe’s major cities Liberty Specialty Markets’ (LSM) terrorism underwriter for Germany, Corinna Walter, examines the growing need for German risk managers to protect their organisations against the impact of violent protests and terrorism.
Why art fairs put good underwriting on display

Why art fairs put good underwriting on display

David Saillen, 14 Sep 2020
David Saillen, Liberty Specialty Markets’ Head of Fine Art and Specie for Continental Europe, reveals how his team manages the aggregation of risk created by major art fairs.
When art becomes the object of hate

When art becomes the object of hate

Mike Burle, 20 May 2020

Reconstructing the value chain

Andrew Pedler, 12 Feb 2020