Your business faces both external and internal risks. It's easy to underestimate internal risks. These internal risks include employee negligence, and willful breach of trust. Globalisation and technological advancements have also been accompanied by changes in respect of fraud and white-collar crime. Companies of all sizes and business sectors are likely exposed to commensurately increased risks.

Our Crime and Fraud insurance provides companies with tailored protection from a range of risks, which can also include financial losses related to corporate crime and employee theft. Digital counterfeit, robbery and crime are also part of our comprehensive coverage.

Product information:

Our Crime and Fraud insurance include:

  • Financial loss by employees (internal) and third parties (external)
  • Loss (theft, damage, destruction) of property, money and securities on and outside the company's premises, including in transport
  • Forgery of documents and signatures
  • Fraud and theft in connection with IT, e.g., data misuse or fraudulent manipulation of a computer system, fraudulent instructions to transfer money
  • Receipt of counterfeit money
  • Social engineering fraud, e.g., fraudulent identity change
  • Interest receivable or payable from a loss
  • Inclusion of affiliated companies or subsidiaries that no longer exist
  • Investigation costs or auditor fees incurred in investigating a claim
  • Document reconstruction costs
  • Reputation damage

Line size

CHF 25 million (EUR 25 million, USD 25 million)