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A chemical catharsis: the consequences of the ‘Forever Chemicals

Darren Fairest, Wed, 15 Feb 2023
Darren Fairest explains the challenges the market is facing from the long tail risks that have emerged from the wide-ranging use of PFAS chemicals.

Dealing with darkness

David Saillen, Tue, 07 Feb 2023
With no end in sight for the global energy crisis, it’s increasingly likely that we could face blackouts. Without forward planning, this could have a detrimental impact on the precious objects and works of art that are displayed and stored in museums and galleries across the world.
Customer relationships under the microscope UP article image

Customer relationships under the microscope

Carol Baker, Wed, 09 Sep 2020
Carol Baker explains how changes to a traditional risk engineering function sparked a radical re-evaluation of customer relationships across the business.

Carrying the future, piece by piece

Christopher Hicks, Richard Stewart, Thu, 03 Oct 2019
Christopher Hicks, Marine Cargo Underwriting Manager and Richard Stewart, Senior Underwriter, at Liberty Specialty Markets (LSM) look at the challenges involved in underwriting large and complex cargos.
Woman looking at digital information on a screen

Building an insurer from the inside out

Peter Sprent, Wed, 02 Oct 2019
Insurance organisations are traditionally populated by underwriters, actuaries and claims handlers. So why are people like data scientists and process engineers playing an increasing role at Liberty Specialty Markets?

Has Downstream Energy Reached a Tipping Point?

Fri, 01 Mar 2019
Paul Sankey, Liberty Specialty Market’s Global Head of Oil & Gas, says the downstream energy market needs to do some serious thinking about its profitability in the light of a run of major losses.
Binary code in movement, depicting the concept of data transfer

Into the change dimension

Kadidja Sinz, Wed, 11 Jul 2018
Most insurers believe that better wordings and faster payment of claims are the keys to customer satisfaction. But does the real solution lie in a fundamental re-evaluation of the way insurers respond to change? Is it time we challenged received wisdom?

Building on Egypt’s French connection

Anne-Laure Renaudeau d’Arc, Thu, 24 May 2018
Having spent her early life in Africa, Paris-based Trade Credit and Political Risks Senior Underwriter Anne-Laure Renaudeau d’Arc has a unique appreciation of the importance of the Cairo Metro’s construction to the Egyptian capital.

Lebanon – Where big decisions rest on tiny details

Rafic Abisaleh, Thu, 21 Dec 2017
Having an in-depth understanding, based on granular knowledge of people, places and issues is a crucial part of being able to offer effective insurance in a country such as Lebanon. Liberty Specialty Markets (LSM) dissects every detail and neighbourhood in order to offer the right protection to our clients, while protecting LSM from the highly volatile nature of the risk.

Laying the foundations of the future

Darren Smart, Patrick Bravery, Thu, 21 Dec 2017
Large-scale infrastructure projects are some of the biggest and most complex physical risks an insurer can underwrite. But long before the first concrete is poured, a construction underwriter is faced with the critical decision whether to underwrite the risk.