Our Trade Credit team is part of our global Financial Risk Solutions business and is backed by the financial strength of Liberty Mutual Group. Our team consists of expert underwriters and credit analysts with specialist skills, experience and understanding of financial risks.

We work closely with clients to better understand their industries, business operations and customer trends. This enables us to expedite the servicing of your policy and provides you with confidence to expand your business.

We can provide non-cancellable Trade Credit cover for most industries including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale –durable and non-durable goods
  • Financial Institutions
  • Technology – electronics, software/hardware
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Metals
  • Chemicals
  • Food & beverage
  • Commodities

We can cover your domestic and export accounts receivable just for certain divisions or regions, or holistically across your enterprise. We can also streamline our offering and simply cover your top customers to mitigate your concentration risk.

Line Size

Maximum USD 100 million or equivalent