What are our strengths?


Tailored solutions for your needs

Claims Processes

Market leading claims professionals


Risk engineering and loss prevention

Financial Rating

A and A+ underwriting platforms  

Worldwide Coverage

Approximately 60 offices in over 20 countries

Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting our communities

Reasons to partner with us:

  • Our structural stability offers continuity and a long-term view
  • We build sustainable relationships to help deliver reliable outcomes
  • We make time for what matters most

Why choose a mutual insurance company?

As a mutual insurance company, we take a long-term view and are entirely focused on the needs of our policyholders and broker partners.

Our business rests on us being able to honour our promises at a point in the future. Our clients want to know that if they have a claim, we will be around to pay it. As a mutual insurance company, we are structured to be there when our clients need us.

We dedicate our time to serving the needs of our clients, as we are less likely to be distracted by short-term decision making, the demands of investors, and burdensome management structures.

Mutual insurance companies are also attractive companies to work for. Our long-term view allows us to invest in our people, giving them freedom to develop their unique talents and build relationships which stand the test of time.

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Liberty Mutual Insurance Group

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