Thanks to their in-depth sector knowledge, our underwriters work closely with clients to help them identify potential points of exposure; assess risks; and make recommendations on a wide variety of loss prevention and control issues.

Target markets:

Coverage is applicable to a broad variety of sectors, including manufacturing, waste management, wholesale storage of fuel and chemicals, transport and logistics, construction, and the acquisition and divestment of brownfield land.

We cover:

  • Liberty Environmental Damage policy (LEDP)

Our Environmental Damage policy provides flexible coverage of Civil Liability for pollution arising from your business activity. This policy covers activities on your property, on third-party land, and during transport. It is also designed to be underwritten easily and quickly, and does not necessarily require any prior environmental assessment or study.

  • Pollution Legal liability (PLL)

This insurance is for owners and operators of land and industrial facilities. Coverage includes clean up, third party bodily injury, property damage, and legal defence costs resulting from pollution, whether it occurs during or before the policy period. Extensions can include coverage for business interruption and rental and transport losses.

  • Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL)

This policy provides protection against liabilities arising from pollution caused or exacerbated by contractors' operations. It can be underwritten with temporary validity based on occurrence or claim, and it includes clean up, third-party bodily injury, property damage, and legal defence costs. The policies can be business or project specific.

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