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Building an insurer from the inside out

02 Oct 2019
Insurance organisations are traditionally populated by underwriters, actuaries and claims handlers. So why are people like data scientists and process engineers playing an increasing role at Liberty Specialty Markets?

Rising threats require a robust response

18 Sep 2019
Almost by definition, terrorism and sabotage, political violence, strikes riots and civil commotion are among the most difficult risks to predict. Unlike other risks, there is a random, human element that makes it impossible to gauge with any certainty how a risk will manifest, when or where.
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Life at the speed of sound

18 Jul 2019
Thomas Dolby is a musician, performer and dotcom entrepreneur. In his fascinating presentation, he talked about his relationship with technology in the context of the rise and fall of his 1980s music career.

September's Million-Dollar Show Ring

Julian Bowen-Rees, 21 Jun 2019
The Keeneland Yearlings Sale is a marquee event for the equine industry, but also a finger on the pulse of the global economy. Julian Bowen-Rees, Liberty Specialty Markets’ global head of equine and livestock, provides the inside track on the world’s leading auction of young horses.

Has Downstream Energy Reached a Tipping Point?

01 Mar 2019
Paul Sankey, Liberty Specialty Market’s Global Head of Oil & Gas, says the downstream energy market needs to do some serious thinking about its profitability in the light of a run of major losses.
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The Amazon Paradox

Matthew Moore, 29 Oct 2018
The competitive nature of London’s insurance market should engender efficiency and innovation. So why does it struggle to satisfy customers while Amazon, with its market dominance, sets new standards for service?
Time to think the unthinkable

Time to think the unthinkable

Stuart Sutherland, 07 Aug 2018
Insurers are guilty of spending too much time looking inwards at their own industry rather than outwards at their customers. This, argues Stuart Sutherland, Liberty Specialty Markets’ Head of Casualty, has led to rigid thinking and a blinkered view – but change is possible.
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Into the change dimension

Kadidja Sinz, 11 Jul 2018
Most insurers believe that better wordings and faster payment of claims are the keys to customer satisfaction. But does the real solution lie in a fundamental re-evaluation of the way insurers respond to change? Is it time we challenged received wisdom?

Building on Egypt’s French connection

Anne-Laure Renaudeau d’Arc, 24 May 2018
Having spent her early life in Africa, Paris-based Trade Credit and Political Risks Senior Underwriter Anne-Laure Renaudeau d’Arc has a unique appreciation of the importance of the Cairo Metro’s construction to the Egyptian capital.