Our Inclusion Matters framework supports our commitment to strengthen our diverse workforce and grow our inclusive environment. Inclusion is at the heart of how we do business and live our values each day.

We continue to invest in activities to create a strong sense of belonging across one global LSM.

We have six Inclusion Matters Emplo­­­­yee Networks which each celebrates a different aspect of diversity; Cultural Awareness Matters, Family and Caring Matters, Pride Matters, Veterans’ Matters, Health & Wellbeing Matters, and Gender Matters. All networks are open for everyone to join and create a space for colleagues to come together to connect, learn and engage.

We put people first by providing an environment of conscious inclusion, where everybody feels that they are valued and belong. We’re proud of our inclusive family friendly policies that support our people to be their unique selves at work and promotes a healthy work-life balance.

We support all of our people with practical ideas, training, and tools which promote our culture of inclusion. We identify innovative ways to recruit talent to help us attract a diverse workforce.

Why inclusion matters

“Inclusion is about being authentic. It is about embracing and celebrating unique perspectives and diversity of thought. It is about respect, kindness and trust.

We want to empower each of our team members to be their unique selves in an environment that values diversity and inclusion. It’s about all of us taking action to work together to create a culture of belonging”.

Jane Warren Active Underwriter and Executive Sponsor of Inclusion Matters.