As a global fine art insurer with dedicated Fine Art teams in London, Europe and the US, our policies protect works of art and collections all over the world, on site and in transit.

Our commitment goes beyond protecting existing works and collections. We believe in supporting a vibrant and sustainable future for the art sector. Our programmes support artists at all stages of their careers, from encouraging creativity in schoolchildren to supporting professional artists, and we support local community initiatives, because we recognise the importance of art for wellbeing and mental health.

We also want to promote the enjoyment of art by the general public. Our support for the ‘Titian: Love, Desire, Death’ exhibition at London’s National Gallery was a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to see Titian’s Poesie paintings together as they were intended, and we were delighted to have a part in making this possible.

Supporting artists of the future

  • Our Aspiring Artists initiative encourages primary school children to explore their creativity and develop their skills
  • The Liberty Specialty Markets Art Award supports artists starting their professional careers. Our award schemes run in London, Sydney and Paris
  • In the US, we partner with Artadia, a not-for-profit organisation supporting established artists

Supporting art in the community

  • We support the Lloyd’s Art Group, a collective of amateur and professional artists connected to the London insurance market
  • We are the official insurance ambassador and founding patron for The Line, London’s only dedicated public art walk
  • In Sydney we help artists living with intellectual disability achieve their artistic and economic aspirations through an organisation called Studio A

Supporting existing works of art

  • Our insurance policies protect works of art in museums, galleries and private collections
  • We sponsored the Titian: Love Desire Death exhibition at the National Gallery in London, reuniting the works for the first time since the 16th century