We are proud sponsors of Astronomy Photographer of the Year (APY) 15, run by the Maritime Museum and Royal Observatory Greenwich, in association with BBC Sky at Night Magazine.

This competition unveils awe-inspiring photographs of skyscapes, stars, planets, nebulae, and galaxies that make up our vast universe. Bringing a unique perspective of our planet and the cosmos, encouraging us to see our world afresh. 

As a global leader in providing Fine Art & Specie insurance, we’re passionate about the visual arts sector and bringing important collections to the public. Sponsoring this collection and continuing over 20 years of association with Royal Museums Greenwich is a privilege.

Explore the winners of Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2023

In its 15th year, APY 2023 has once again showcased the wonders of the universe. Thousands of entries from around the world have captured images of distant galaxies, fiery Suns and shimmering Northern Lights.

Congratulations to the talented winners Marcel Drechsler, Xavier Strottner and Yann Sainty, who skilfully captured a huge plasma arc next to the Andromeda Galaxy (M31). 

Discover the extraordinary winners of the other ten categories. 

Announcing our APY winner - staff award

Inspired by our Astronomy Photographer of the Year sponsorship, we hosted our own photography competition, featuring both Junior and Colleague categories, to celebrate our sponsorship of APY. 

This year, we received over 100 submissions from our employees from all corners of the globe and a staff vote decided the winners. 

Explore the winning images from our creative colleagues.

An exclusive viewing of APY

As part of our sponsorship, we hosted an event to celebrate APY at the Royal Museums Greenwich. We were delighted to give our brokers private access to the new collection of photographs.

We value the importance of art and innovation, and this event stands as a testament to that.

Our commitment goes beyond protecting existing works and collections. We believe in supporting a vibrant and sustainable future for the art sector. Our programmes support artists at all stages of their careers, from encouraging creativity in schoolchildren to supporting professional artists.