We believe that the claims service adds value throughout our relationship, not only at the point of claim.

Claims+ is our suite of tailored value-add services at pre-placement, post-placement, and post-loss stages.

Claims+ is designed to ensure your experience – even without a claim – is as good as we can make it.

Whatever your reason(s) for buying an insurance policy, there’s always one particular motivation. You want to be confident that in the event of a loss, your policy will pay out.

Extra benefit

But what if you don’t need to make a claim? While you’re relieved not to have experienced a loss, there is the consideration that – knowing what you know now - your investment in insurance could have returned more value elsewhere.

We take a different view. We believe that the claims service should add value throughout our relationship. From the start of our relationship, we’ll talk about how your account can benefit from a range of services, such as:

  • Advance Catastrophe Response
  • Claims clinic
  • Claims scenario workshops
  • Client visits
  • Data and performance analytics
  • Fast track service
  • Wording review

These claims services are designed to help you understand your risks and help protect your business in the most effective way, with or without a claim.


As an example, a key component of our Claims+ service is scenario planning. This is when we organise workshops to review a particular set of circumstances and importantly, learn through our experience with similar claims. Depending on the client and sector, we will convene a panel of loss adjusters, data analysts, claims specialists and legal experts. During the workshop we work through a scenario with the client, risk manager and broker. As the scenario unfolds we can ensure that all parties are aligned on how the policy may respond. If changes are needed to the wording, they can be made and agreed in the room. We also use the scenarios to assess how well processes work, and discuss crisis management and response strategies.

We recognise that buying insurance is a significant step. We want you to be glad you took it.