Our coverage is more specialist and bespoke than more traditional insurance products. Moving beyond simple risk transfer, we help clients such as financial and non-financial institutions, investment banks, securities lending agents and private equity and debt funds. Our Structured Risk Solutions team is part of the FRS team at Liberty Specialty Markets, which covers a wide range of credit insurance products, enabling us to provide you with practical solutions that help form the basis of long-term partnerships. We are able to write business on either company (Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE) or Lloyd’s paper (Syndicate 4472) giving us greater flexibility to meet your needs.

Against a backdrop of increasing financial regulation, low interest rates and pressure on financial institutions to make returns for investors, efficient management of exposures and capital has never been more important. Whether our client is an investment bank, asset manager, fund or financial intermediary, we have insurance solutions designed to help.

We can deploy up to USD 50 million (or the local currency equivalent) on any one transaction globally.

Our products can help you to:

  • Reduce risk-weighted assets and capital held
  • Adhere to more stringent capital regulations for securitisations which came into force on 1 January 2019
  • Comply with prospective amendments to the Basel III regime from 2022
  • Access alternative and cheaper sources of capital
  • Indemnify or protect against counterparty default