Liberty Specialty Markets has an established binder portfolio with experienced underwriting teams across many products. We have a wealth of experience in writing and supporting coverholders, both through Lloyd’s or company capacity. We pride ourselves on providing first class service levels, delivering market leading products and solutions, and responding to claims in a timely fashion.

Our team works across the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe and the Far East. We work closely with Liberty’s Delegated Underwriting Authority team to ensure all coverholders are supported whilst going through our internal control procedures, reporting controls and our renewal/on-boarding processes, and external reporting requirements such as Lloyds.

Our Mission and Strength:

We offer a wide range of products for distribution by coverholders on a delegated authority basis. Our knowledge and expertise also allows us to create bespoke solutions to help meet our client’s needs. We work closely with our Delegated Authority Management Team and provide dedicated binder expertise to assist in the onboarding of coverholders and beyond, ensuring superior service throughout the process. 

Our binding authority products:

We offer a range of specialist products on a binding authority basis.

  • Casualty
  • Contingency
  • Environmental
  • Personal Accident
  • Property

Other available products:

We also offer each of our open market products on a delegated authority basis to coverholders internationally. Visit our insurance page or contact our dedicated team for more information.