When you buy a policy from a Liberty Mutual company, you know you’re placing your trust in a group that has been around since 1912. You’re buying from a stable company, with great financial strength. A company that is here for the long term, that can grow and expand, and is protected from potential purchasers.

At its core, our business rests on us being able to honour our promises at a point in the future. Our clients want to know that if they have a claim, we will be around to pay it. As a mutual insurance company, we are structured to be there when our clients need us.

We invest in our people, giving colleagues the freedom to develop their unique talents and build supportive and trusted relationships. Our long-term view enables our people to develop authentic partnerships and a deep understanding of your business and risks.

Helping people in adversity is part of our heritage, from providing security for workers through workers compensation over 100 years ago. These days we’re bringing that same focus to solving problems for our clients, with fresh thinking and insurance products that are fit for the future.