The success of Liberty Specialty Markets is largely the result of the efforts of our people; experienced individuals who have a deep understanding of the markets and functional areas in which they operate.

Staff are encouraged to develop their skill sets and add value to the business through participation in our performance appraisal process where individual objectives and personal development cascades down from the objectives and business plans of Liberty Specialty Markets.



Compensation & Benefits

Liberty Specialty Markets recognises that its success is down to its people and is committed to ensuring that remuneration packages are market competitive, and that excellent performance is rewarded through our pay and discretionary bonus schemes.

In addition, we provide a range of benefits.  Benefit packages vary between countries in accordance with local law, custom and practice but typically include a competitive pension scheme, health insurance, life and disability cover as well as a number of ancillary benefits.


Learning & Development

At Liberty Specialty Markets, we believe that an ongoing commitment to learning and development is essential if we are to attract, retain and develop the talent we need to drive our business forward. We strongly encourage existing staff and new joiners to take every opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge. To that end:

  • We run an induction programme for new staff which includes information on all the main areas of the business, and introduces the new employee to the key stakeholders and contacts relevant to their role.
  • Financial and study leave support for staff wishing to take the Insurance Introductory tests as well as for those working towards CII professional qualifications. Support is not limited to staff studying insurance topics and we support employees studying for actuarial qualifications, ACCA, degrees and other forms of higher education.
  • Staff also have access to a series of management development courses as and when they become relevant to an individual’s role.
  • All staff have access to Specialty Skills, an online portal which contains a vast wealth of insurance related training material as well as IT, regulatory and soft skills training.
  • Training and development plans are discussed and agreed at the beginning of each year with all members of staff and reviewed at least half yearly.

Culture & Values

Throughout Liberty Specialty Markets, we operate in a manner consistent with our brand ambition to help people to prosper, and clearly defined principles:

  • To help our clients to prosper by understanding their needs
  • To clearly and effectively communicate our offer
  • To share one company view – working as a team
  • To adopt a high performance culture
  • To behave as a leading specialist insurer
  • To help our communities to prosper

We want people to trust us, grow with us and prosper with us.

Our open plan offices provide a working environment which allows easy access to all areas of the business and encourages good communication. We have an open and collegial culture where trust and respect for all employees, and appropriate levels of autonomy, delegated authority and management support allow employees to develop their careers and skills.

Liberty Specialty Markets is an equal opportunity employer and we ensure that the recruitment, promotion and development of staff is based solely on ability.