Political Risk & Non-payment Insurance

Our expert teams of underwriters and analysts can provide protection for your business from a range of risks such as government intervention, contract frustration, political violence and credit default. We provide policy limits of up to USD 100 million and periods of up to 20 years. Our global client base includes governments, banks and multi-national companies, as well as exporters and contractors.

Our underwriting approach involves a thorough analysis of your risks, backed by a deep understanding of your industry, while our integrated underwriting, claims and risk management offers you a creative risk-transfer solution.

Class of business:

  • Political Risk Insurance: 15 years (20 years if reinsuring a public agency)
  • Non Payment Sovereign Obligors: 15 years (20 years if reinsuring a public agency)
  • Non Payment Private Obligors: 10 years (can consider 15 years for Project Finance)

Line Size:

Up to USD 100 million or equivalent per risk

Key Contacts

Matthew Coomer -website

Matthew Coomer

Underwriter - Financial Risk Solutions

New York

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Heads of Department

Alex Egnell smiling

Alexandre Egnell

Head of North America - Financial Risk Solutions

New York

Javier Guardia headshot

Javier Guardia

Head of Western Region Claims