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Liberty’s McNulty named as mental health trailblazer

By Paula Wilson March 29, 2019

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29 March 2018, LONDON – Pauline McNulty, Liberty Specialty Markets’ Executive Programme Director, has been named as one of the members of InsideOut’s inaugural 2019 LeaderBoard – an initiative designed to help break the stigma of mental ill-health in the workplace.

Unveiled at a launch event at Liberty Specialty Markets’ (LSM) London office yesterday, the LeaderBoard consists of a number of senior leaders prepared to talk publicly about their own experience of mental ill-health.

According to InsideOut, the list celebrates trailblazing senior leaders who are helping to smash the stigma of mental ill-health in workplaces.  Furthermore, they are instigating culture change which gives employees permission to proactively manage their mental wellbeing.

Pauline McNulty said: “I believe that promoting mental good health is a vital ingredient of the kind of open and honest work environment in which people can really thrive. That’s why it’s so important for me to talk about it at a personal level.

“From my teenage years onwards, I have experienced depressive periods and times of extreme stress. I also grew up experiencing an older sibling’s struggle with schizophrenia.  In addition to being a sponsor of the London-based This Is Me campaign, my decision to speak about this has led others to feel they can be more open and LSM being more proactive in telling people what support we can provide.”

Liberty Specialty Markets’ president and managing director Matthew Moore said: “We’re proud of Pauline and the proactive stance she’s taken on mental health matters. This is new territory for many organisations, so at Liberty, we’re doing our utmost to incorporate mental wellbeing into our thinking and culture. It has to be a positive step for both businesses and their people.”

InsideOut seeks to inspire business leaders to share their stories and normalise the conversation on mental illness, allowing everybody to seek help when they need it.  The initiative was founded in 2017 by Rob Stephenson, who experiences bipolar disorder himself. Its formation came in direct response to 2017’s Stevenson-Farmer report, which identified that over 300,000 people lose their job every year due to mental ill-health.

Other executives on the LeaderBoard represent from Cicero, Deloitte, HSBC, PwC, LandSec, Three and Unilever among others.

The 2019 InsideOut LeaderBoard launch featured a keynote address from Rob Stephenson, a moderated panel discussion with a number of those featured on the LeaderBoard, and an advocacy award presented for the role model who has had the most significant impact in their organisation or wider society in terms of breaking stigma and creating a mentally healthier workplace.

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