Notice regarding the portfolio transfer from AmTrust International Underwriters DAC to Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE

Please see below the link to the notification that was recently sent to surety policyholders located in Italy in accordance with Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE’s obligations under Italian law:

Surety policyholders notification

On 31 March 2019 AmTrust International Underwriters DAC, an insurance company incorporated under Irish law, with registered office at 6-8 College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland (“Amtrust“) transferred to Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE part of its non-life insurance portfolio consisting of certain (class 15) surety policies issued by AmTrust’s Dutch and Belgian branches (or their legal predecessor Nationale Borg-Maatschappij).

Liberty Mutual Surety Europe B.V. (trading as Nationale Borg), based at Keizersgracht 165, 1016 DP Amsterdam, The Netherlands and at Uitbreidingstraat 66, 2600 Antwerp, Belgium, acts as authorised agent for Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The portfolio transfer of the insurance policy shall not cause its termination, but, in any case, the policyholder shall have the right of withdrawal within sixty (60) days from the date of publication of the notice (which was published on 31 March 2020) referred to in article 199, par. six, of Italian Insurance Private Code (Legislative Decree no. 209 dated 7 September 2005 in IVASS’ Bulletin (, by communication to the following registered email address  or by registered letter to the following address: Nationale Borg, Keizersgracht 165, 1016DP, Amsterdam, The Netherlands or Nationale Borg, Uitbreidingstraat 66, 2600 Antwerp, Belgium, indicating specifically in the object: “Withdrawal from Policy no. ‘XXXXXXXXXX’, pursuant to Article 168 of the Italian Insurance Private Code”.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE’s details are as follows:

Registered office: 5-7 rue Leon Laval, L-3372, Leudelange, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg;