We aim to make it easy for you to engage with us, whether you’re a broker, client, coverholder, looking for a job, or simply trying to get a sense of who we are.

With that in mind, in this section you can find a range of resources including product and services factsheets, learning and development policies, and useful forms all in an easy ‘one-stop shop’. Of course, if you prefer to open or download relevant documents as you visit individual pages on our site, you can do that too.

Factsheets - Germany

War and Terrorism factsheet - Germany
pdf • 1.49Mb
Marine Cargo factsheet - Germany
pdf • 3.85Mb
Surety factsheet - Germany
pdf • 2.10Mb
Fine Art and Specie factsheet - Germany
pdf • 1.56Mb
Cyber factsheet - Germany
pdf • 1.28Mb
Directors and Officers factsheet - Germany
pdf • 1.44Mb
Financial Institutions factsheet - Germany
pdf • 2.08Mb
Construction factsheet - Germany
pdf • 1.91Mb
Contingency factsheet - Germany
pdf • 1.08Mb
Casualty factsheet - Germany
pdf • 1.65Mb
LSM in Germany
pdf • 1.46Mb

Factsheets - Italy

Commercial Motor factsheet - Italy
pdf • 3.27Mb
Marine Cargo factsheet - Italy
pdf • 3.85Mb
Surety factsheet - Italy
pdf • 2.09Mb
Fine Art and Specie factsheet - Italy
pdf • 1.51Mb
Directors and Officers factsheet - Italy
pdf • 1.44Mb
Financial Institutions factsheet - Italy
pdf • 2.08Mb
Professional Indemnity factsheet - Italy
pdf • 1.55Mb
Casualty factsheet - Italy
pdf • 1.63Mb
Personal Accident factsheet - Italy
pdf • 2.16Mb
ITALY Policyholder Notification - signed
pdf • 1.83Mb

Factsheets - Netherlands

War and Terrorism factsheet - Netherlands
pdf • 0.48Mb
Fine Art and Specie factsheet - Netherlands
pdf • 0.63Mb
Cyber factsheet - Netherlands
pdf • 0.57Mb
Directors and Officers factsheet - Netherlands
pdf • 0.41Mb
Financial Institutions factsheet - Netherlands
pdf • 0.52Mb
Energy factsheet - Netherlands
pdf • 0.59Mb
Construction factsheet - Netherlands
pdf • 0.66Mb
Professional Indemnity factsheet - Netherlands
pdf • 0.58Mb
Contingency factsheet - Netherlands
pdf • 0.47Mb
Casualty factsheet - Netherlands
pdf • 0.42Mb
Country card - Netherlands
pdf • 0.58Mb

Factsheets - Spain

Guerra y terrorismo
pdf • 0.49Mb
pdf • 0.89Mb
Arte & Clientes Privados
pdf • 0.61Mb
Cyber factsheet - Spain
pdf • 0.57Mb
pdf • 0.47Mb
Instituciones Financieras
pdf • 0.60Mb
pdf • 0.69Mb
Responsabilidad Civil Profesional
pdf • 0.67Mb
pdf • 0.65Mb
Responsabilidad Medioambiental
pdf • 0.86Mb
pdf • 0.48Mb
Responsabilidad Civil General
pdf • 0.56Mb
Country card - Spain
pdf • 0.51Mb

Factsheets - Switzerland

Factsheet Responsabilité civile professionelle
pdf • 0.36Mb
Factsheet Cyberrisques
pdf • 0.52Mb
Factsheet Responsabilité civile exploitation
pdf • 0.47Mb
Factsheet Assurances-accidents
pdf • 0.41Mb
Factsheet Responsabilité civile Dirigeants
pdf • 0.32Mb
Factsheet LSM en Suisse
pdf • 0.79Mb
Switzerland Policyholder Notification - for website
pdf • 1.80Mb
Factsheet Financial Lines
pdf • 0.68Mb
Factsheet Berufshaftpflicht
pdf • 0.37Mb
Factsheet Cyber-Risiken
pdf • 0.54Mb
Factsheet Betriebs- und Produktehaftpflicht
pdf • 0.47Mb
Factsheet Unfall-Versicherungen
pdf • 0.42Mb
Switzerland - Policyholder Notification Letter.dotx
pdf • 0.41Mb

Factsheets - UK

Aviation All Risks factsheet
pdf • 0.85Mb
Environment Impairment Liability Binders
pdf • 3.63Mb
Specialty Property factsheet
pdf • 1.70Mb
Property Factsheet - UK
pdf • 1.07Mb
Life Sciences Factsheet
pdf • 0.33Mb
Power Generation factsheet
pdf • 2.61Mb
Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Chemical factsheet
pdf • 2.61Mb
Aviation War factsheet
pdf • 1.36Mb
War and Terrorism factsheet - UK
pdf • 0.87Mb


Claims+ Factsheet
pdf • 0.93Mb

Risk services

Risk Services factsheet
pdf • 2.23Mb