Among the risks that companies face daily, regardless of their sector, are those associated with their employees, particularly the risk of accidents or injuries that require medical treatment or are life-threatening.  The policy is designed to cover medical treatment and rehabilitiation so that the employee can return to work or any other professional activity, or supports their family in the event of their death.

Effective immediately, LSM risk prevention and underwriting team can offer tailored advice both for companies that need to take out an A&H policy to cover their employees in compliance with the provisions of the sector’s collective agreement, or to companies that are not bound by collective agreements but wish to offer this policy as part of their employee benefits. The team will propose the list of coverages and insured capital that best suits their needs, allowing them to provide additional protection to their employees or to a specific group (managers, salespeople, technicians, operators etc.).

Pablo Sampascual, who leads the underwriting of the Collective Accident line at LSM Spain, comments, “The evolution of these new coverages was developed by LSM's team of experts. They analyzed and researched collective accident insurance for a wide range of industries. We are particularly interested in certain sectors such as food; textile industry; retail and wholesale trade; hotels, tourism and restaurants; real estate and rental agencies; computing, programming and technology; business management and consulting; financial services, banking and insurance; legal, professional, scientific and technical activities.”

With this new approach to the product, Pablo Sampascual said, “LSM Spain offers market-leading solutions for these complex risks, given that we have a broad underwriting and decision-making capacity at local level. We have extensive experience in risk analysis and underwriting, as well as in claims management and processing. We have developed competitive terms and conditions, that are easy to understand and include fewer limitations and exclusions.”

Fernando Lara, General Manager of LSM in Spain concludes that, “As a mutual, our priority is not shareholders or the stock markets, but our policyholders. LSM Collective Accidents reinforces the well-being and protection of all workers while helping companies to reduce the consequences if one of their employees suffers an accident at work or at home. This policy offers financial stability for the employee in the event that they are unable to work, or for their family, in the event of death."



Pablo Sampascual Agra CadarsoHead of Accident & Health

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