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Unauthorised use of trademarks to defraud customers – fraudulent communications

By Nigel Davenport March 16, 2017


Liberty Mutual takes very seriously the unauthorised use of its trademarks, especially in circumstances where they may be being used to defraud customers, and we will take whatever action we deem necessary to prevent this.  We are aware of the unauthorised use on a website and letterhead of the names “Liberty” and “Liberty Corporate Capital” and the “Liberty Specialty Markets” trademarks, as well as a fake signature of the Liberty Specialty Markets Chairman, by a person that has no connection whatever with Liberty Corporate Capital Limited, Liberty Specialty Markets, or the wider Liberty Mutual Insurance Group which owns these trademarks.

We have reported the website and letters to the FCA and to Action Fraud.

This website and correspondence, and any unsolicited telephone calls connected with them, have nothing whatsoever to do with Liberty Corporate Capital Limited, Liberty Specialty Markets or any part of Liberty Mutual Insurance Group.

If you suspect that you may be the recipient of one of these fraudulent communications, we would encourage you to report your concerns directly to Action Fraud; details of how to raise a report can be found on the Action Fraud website:


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